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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough By Grogor

Offical Laxius Power Site

This walkthrough is based on my imported game, non-imports will have some different quests. You don't have to do every sidequest in the same order as i wrote them, or same characters as me, i'm just recording it as i play, most people will do it differently.

One last thing, if you get trapped inside a building by a npc blocking the exit, simply open the dreambook to reset them to their normal location.

News: A small update to day12, will try to cover pyramid soon.(2/24)

Day 0 - The Arrival

-The Inn-
Random starts in his room, wondering where Sarah is. Get TeAndal from behind you and a set of Tyrine gear and Power Guard from the chest. Save. Now go upstairs and take the Dreambook. Then go east and open the chest, it should have the money you had in LP1. Go upstairs once more and open the chest on the west side of the room to obtain your items from previous quests, then change your diamonds to pp with Marianne. On top of the cabinet you'll see a bag that random can't reach, keep it in mind for later. Go back down to the floor your room is on and go east to a balcony, get the bag from the table containing 525pp. Now go downstairs and meet Sarah/Sylvenia. After they join you, go upstairs and check on Luciana in her room.

Day 1 - An Obscure Cult?

After she joins, leave the inn and follow the instructions to the castle. Save in the castle, and go north into the next room, the art museum. On the right side of the room you'll see 2 pictures, check in between those pictures for a secret room containing the Ten Sacred Rules Painting. Go back one room and into the first door on the left, you should see 4 npcs, Lady Xileen wants Lady Deen's Diary which was obtained in LP2, unfortunately as of now(pre-patch) this quest is uncompleteable. The historian on the right will be give useful information much later in the game, so keep him in the back of your mind. Leave the room and go south to the wall, walk west and you should find a chest hidden there containing 3654pp, then go west and upstairs. Enter the first southern room and check all the bookcases for a Savior Page and Black Cloud Book. Exit, continue east and go south down the hallway.

Talk to the banker and deposit 80% of your pp(this is just imo), which will very quickly gain interest. Go upstairs, west or east it doesn't matter, and into the throne room. Talk to the king, exorcise a baron, take on a quest, typical hero stuff. After that's done, talk to the queen for a Yveen's Kiss , then egress and leave the castle, you'll end up at the inn. Go to Randoms spell screen and at Coryool to the party, go upstairs to the top floor of the inn and knock that bag off the shelf for 3681pp. Leave the inn, and prepare for some exploration.

**The Numbers are from DragonHunter's Metrolia map, which can now be found on my site above, so full credit to him for that massive load of work.** Most of these are in no specific order, just do them as you see fit. Do Not go to the Guild of Unknown yet or you can potentialy get yourself stuck. (if the mage ids the bag before the black dagger, he'll never id the black dagger leaving you stuck)

-Side Looting and Quest(s)-
Enter Paul & Cerise Smith's house(23) buy one Indinera Dress from Cerise and get the Grokrls Amulet from the chest.

Enter 24 to get Benediction and Blackcloud Books from the chests.

Enter 18 and get the Reign Key and Trout from the barrel. Go downstairs with Wendala in your party and open the chest, this place ends a sidequest later.

Enter 20, get the Wizardess Crown from a crate.

Enter 19 and let one of the guys go to your HQ.

Enter 91, check the fireplace for 1738pp and 3 O'Donnell Skulls.

Enter the fighters guild(2), and join at the npc by entrance(200pp). Then go to the counter and accept both of the quests there, talk to linda the woman west of the counter and let her enter your HQ. Check the south barrels for 215pp. Next go all the way east and south into the last room and get the training quest. After that go back towards the counter and enter the north doorway, go north past the stairs and get the rank quest, go east and get the bounty quest(wolves).

Exit the guild and enter Yveen's Brotherhood(98). Talk to the right npc, accept the quest and exit the building.

Enter 97 and buy 99 Mp Replenish.

Go north and enter the Traveler's Sack(35), buy 99 trout, some phoenix downs, medicates, antidotes, and egress certificates. Don't worry about tonic teas.

Go to the building north of that, Metrolia's Souviniers(34) and talk to the man on the left, let him in your HQ.

Go to Duke Van Kerb's home(33) and check the cabinets for a Al' Azayer Scroll.

Enter the Big Bazaar(101) and check the pots for 81pp, a Tonic Tea and a Royal Pirahna.

Enter The Royal Clothes(103), go downstairs and check the folded cloth for 186pp.

Enter 43 give the man 5pp, then continue being the thief you are and take 125pp from his barrel.

Enter the Mage Guild(3) and become a member at the entrance(500pp), go north and get the rank quest, then exit.

Enter 82 and talk to anvirs to get your fighter guild rank quest, or talk to his daughter to soften him up. Get a Fierce Card in the lower left corner.

Enter 89, check the barrel for a Flower of Aquapanga and talk to the orc, give him a book of thalbu for an Oak Slayer Axe.

Enter 83 and get a sidequest.

Enter 85 and you can sell the Ten Sacred Rules painting for 45k, i'm not sure if it has any other use. He also offers to buy the Crown of Celestine, but Do Not sell that...yet. If you have neither, or sold both, he'll offer to sell you 3 accesories.

Enter 109 and get 5 Trout and Moonfish from the pot. Enter 55 and rob this poor family of 65pp in the barrel. Then get a sidequest from the mother.

Enter 52 and let the woman on the left enter your HQ.

Enter 51 and get a Lycose Pearl from a barrel on the left.

Enter 50 and buy the small bird for 50pp. Buy 99 pet food and 1 savage ring.

Enter 49 and get a Cursed Ring hidden behind a wall, there's a hidden passage left of that chest that contains Orc Blood.

Enter 59 and you can get a book from lp1 translated into some blacksmith recipes(which are on the forum anyway so don't bother).

Enter 62, have Herasia talk to the cat here, it's another sidequest. Save your cockatrix feathers for another collector.

Enter 64 and get the Gates of Diamond Book from the cabinet.

Enter 65 and get the chest containing a Xarisman Tusk then check the barrels for a Crystal Ball and Raw Scaloide.

Enter 40 and buy a Kaleidos Wall.

Enter 46 and get a Tonic Tea from a pot.

Save, then enter 42 at your own risk, the npc is a tough demon. Upon killing it you get Demon Horns, a good helm, and the chest behind it contains Sister Ulla, a not so good staff.

Enter 66 and get an Apricotfrom the basket. Downstairs you can find a Mithril Coat in a barrel and the pet tournament.

Enter 68 and check a pot for Potatoes.

Enter 69, talk to the left npc, give him a spot in hq. Talk to the middle npc, if your leanada is geo he'll give her a River Dress.

Enter 80 and check a pot for Potatoes and 2 Ananas.

Enter 70 and get Dan's Bread and Succulent Bread from the pot.

Enter 77 and get the chest for an Indinera Rapier, then check the barrel for a Dandelion Bloom and 8pp.

Enter 76 and talk to the woman with kids, let her in the hq for free.
-End Side-Looting-

----Main Quest----
And finally, back to the main quest. Enter Lansdowne Leynefeeld Manor(13) and talk to the man at the middle top, after that return and talk to the king, enter the left room, search the table for the Black Dagger. Take the dagger, tell the king, and go to the mage guild. Have the dagger identified by the mage in the right room, then return and tell the king. You'll be sent to the swamp to find the cultist/thief. As you leave the castle, night is falling, return to the Silver Eagle Inn and this long day of stealing from the rich/poor and giving to yourself ends.