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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 9

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Day 9 - Random's Spiral Into Madness.

Random decides the party needs a rest, and goes directly to the inn. Luciana is waiting for you here, and enhances the plot with the cenodemon information. She rejoins. Now check out Baretta's shop and buy Baretta's Box.

----Main Quest----
My Party: Random, Luciana, Baretta, Guanidia

Buy every medicine you can find, and make sure you save in a new slot, and don't save over it. Talk to the Underking. He'll join your party! Then he'll try to eat you, in true spider killing style like any undead demon king would:

The Underking:
If your using my party and have guanidia and baretta low level like i did, this will be extra tough. He'll Terra Freeze and Shrine Of Yveen you.
Random: Legend Slayer does 999
Luciana: Grand Protection twice, then Hyper Flare does 999
Guanidia: Mind Jaws(to slow him down), Glue, or Meltdown if you had the laz add-on in lp1(i didn't when i imported to 2)
Baretta: Healing items and limitless support items(like the silver amulet)

He'll die and drop the Underking Villa Key. As he dies he sets off a trap, convinently placed under your feet. Enter The Hole...

Ghosts Of Christmas Past:
You'll land in the Hall Of Madness. Make sure everyone has terrain resistant gear on(except guanidia, i didn't seem to have any for him), the blood hurts. Don't use healing items, step north once then south. Here's the list of the ghosts you'll encounter: Torahl, Gudar, Barandos The Red, Balthus Golem, Kirai, empty? (maybe i missed one in lp1...), Orfuls, Mogol, Randhaart, Pelleas, Xarix Carisman, Try to equip 1 suction and water element armor on each member for the Blackhole Worm(Very Strong, actually killed me when i went in unprepared), Dark Souls Guardian, try to equip earth gear before the Gargaryan Beast who drops a Diamond Of Zerox instead of medicines like the others, another empty one(starting to think i used the wrong lp1 save), and finally equip fire gear for the Guardian of the Hall.

Check the left and right cages for a sample of the enemies you'll be facing, then walk onto the save point. Talk to yveen for 30 apricots and medicates. Save and go north. The Underking and Dagayel'rr will ambush you. Kill UK first, Dag is harmless. When they die the UK will drop his spare key, and Dag will drop another Bromium, which i assume he craped after seeing you again. Continue north to the next screen.

The metal beacon will heal you, the nw chest contains the XP Sphere. As you continue north a Doom Eye abducts Luciana. Before you chase after them, let random kill those flying bird things for +1ATK/HP each. Now continue north and take the west path. Go south, check the left door for +1ATK, the right door is a trap, left door2 has nothing, right door2 has +10 non-perm mp(it heals 10mp), left door3 is +1280 xp, right door3 is another trap. Continue west and south for a Shadow Ring, then backtrack east. Continue north and save.

Take the west path. Go south and west to meet Life, who fully heals you, west to meet Pain, who hurts you, and north/west to meet Death, who kills you if you bother her. As far as i know the 2 doors by death are just trap teasers. Go down the west hall, and pull only the second lever. Go back east to where the bull things were and get the Basilisk Ring.

Exit east and then take the east path(save first). Follow the path, check the east door for +375xp. Continue west, in the north room you'll see 5 small control panels, turn the other 4 on with the top on and then:

Choose your Bonus: The NW panel is +2MP. The NE panel is +1 Level(You Have Chosen Wisely, Indy). The SW panel is Fresh Wave taught to your current party members(cool and crappy at the same time). The SE panel is Berserk status(You Have Chosen Poorly). I took the perm 2mp, levels will come in time and fresh wave isn't that useful when you have so many medicines.

Continue west and get a Horizon Ring then go north, the door is empty, the chest contains the Aluminum Gear Helmet. South east of that is the Shra-Kem which is very important for the Guild of Unknown if you didn't have the Crown of Celestine, like me.

Backtrack to the save point. Go north to the next screen, the metal beacons heal you but each one causes a status ailment, the farther you go the worse the ailment. The computers right next to the illusions are slightly hidden enemies. Go east into the room and kill the computer, do the same with the west room. Go back to the illusion room and fight by the illusion of your choice, i did Wendala.

Save and go north to the Path of the Damned. The blood on the path isn't like the blood we seen before, it's very powerful. Heal after each step once you've entered the path. If the screen goes dark, stand still. If your lucky you'll land on a Full Recovery Beacon. Check the right door at the top middle of the path for a Tonic Stone. On one of the tiles in the path is a Tonic Stone a screenshot of where it is, is HERE. Once your past the path a creature will spawn behind you, don't try to kill it it keep going like a energyzer bunny. The save point is a trap, you can save on it, but it is a trap. Use it at your own risk, if you do use it:

The Torture Maker
Numb effects him rarely, and Madness is much more effective.
Unfortunately for me i don't have love me this time(madness side effect). So here's what i did almost on pure luck.
Random - Over Magnet Defense twice, then res sword as needed, then legend slayer.
Guanidia - Mind Jaws multiple times to slow him down. (if you have meltdown it probably works wonders)
Baretta - Died a few times, used silver amulet on random when not dieing.

I used a good amount of Necrotears on this battle. Continue north, the chest contains the Morph Shield, go north kill the wannabe vampire and go to the next screen. Save immediately, and avoid walking through the gates unless you feel like exploring risky areas with possibly no return. Walk around the gates. The 3 west rooms are empty, the top room of the eat 3 has a secret passage, but don't enter it yet. Go north, you should see a small hole in the wall west of the doorway, enter it with Guanidia.

The chests contain 25722pp, Zapoo Diamond, Pyro Ring, and Heaven Javelin. Go west to the last door, enter it, save, and go down the right staircase. You should see a black box that says mystery sword, wait about 10-20 seconds, the screen will turn green and the Sword Of Scrolls will drop from the sky! Equip it on Baretta. Note: at the moment there's a bug that can allow people to get 2 sword of scrolls, you weren't intended to have 2 though, normaly the sword would only drop for players who didn't get it in LP1. Go back outside and enter the center door. Check the southern cabinets against the walls for 4 Yveen Tears.There's also a hidden passage next to the left cabinet. Enter it and get this loot from the chest, Moskaa Apple, Ocean Love, 93612pp, Mind Leecher, Rainbow Dress, Pinnacle Ring! Now talk to Magdalena. Luciana will attack you, defend and heal until she snaps out of it.

Magdalena will poorly attempt to finish the job, kill her(the sword of scrolls rules her, even on baretta) and she'll drop about 22Kpp(i'm not sure if this was with find gold or not), and a Diamond Of Zerox. Luciana is freed from the trance before going to the Outer World with Magdalena. Go south past the scorpions, and now go back into the west door. Save, and kill Ozur, he'll drop a Soul Ore. Save, don't open the chest it's a trap and i don't think it's disarmable by Baretta. Now go to the east door and enter, you'll find a Ogre Blood under the left wall. Kill Drachknor, but don't step south after that. Go north into his back room, get the Inferno Scroll and Red Bone and save. This next part will take practice, get the inferno chest and run south out of the room. If you hit the Shocker trap, it's too late, just start again. If you do it exactly right, you'll hit the hyper flare trap when the clock in on 1, hold south and you may or may not escape, depending on how close you were. The chest contains 3 Gloomy Mushrooms and a Necrotear by the way.

Go south and save.(don't enter the gates) Go to the third room on the east side, in here is a secret passage in the north wall, and then the east wall(save point here), then the south wall. On this screen there's two entrances, one is west, by the south wall, the other entrance is 2 north of that and west. Take the one that is 2 north, then go all the way west and south to King Duncan the II:

Conciousness, Dead Mind x9
Dead Minds use Defense and Rainbow Tsunami. Conciousness uses a variety of mind and mp sucking spells. This will probably be the longest battle you fight. Very Important: Guanidia's Carnivor Water can shock the dead minds, the conciousness can be clashed but don't worry about him.

Random -Teandal Glory, Silver or normal attack the first dead mind every round.
Guanidia - Meltdown if you have it, glue if you don't, then Carnivor Water every round.
Baretta - Baretta's Box twice, normal attack the first dead mind every round.
Luciana - Lord of the Dance when you can, healing items, unlimited items like silver amulet.

After the dead bodies are dead it should be easy. Use apricots and necrotears as neccesary.

Upon death they Give 25000 Exp, 11Kpp (not sure if i used double or not), and an Aurora Diamond. On top of that you get +20 Mind. Random ends the encounter, with the quote everyone is thinking.

You can now save again and leave using that blue teleporter, killing the 3 gods unsealed it. This part is hard to explain, read the slab. Once you start up these stairs you can't stop for more then a split second or you'll be teleported to a endless staircase. About halfway up the screen will change, don't worry just keep going, you should see a floating Sarah(ignore it) and a chest on the right. Start going up the staircase, on the 2nd tile from the right, you should bump directly into the chest, open it and quickly run right/up. It may take quite a few tries but the Yux Shield is worth it(thanks Omarlobo). If you did it right you'll eventually reach the top. It should take you 3 minutes max.

Zoo and Mirabelle will be waiting for you, they'll drop the Demon Ring. Work your way out of the castle backwards, you got all the items already so all you have to do is walk out, through a horde of angry minions wanting revenge. Restock on necrotears since your by the shop, also. Luciana will bust down in door in the way, except the orange gate bug, but if you followed this guide that won't happen to you.

When you get back to the main room, north of the entrance, there's a bug you can use to avoid a fight with Orghandi Assassin the cenodemon, use the teleporter to reach the dungeon where you found the hammermark armor, and egress out, behind the assassin(Note: i'm not sure if this fight is required, i never skipped him). The assassin will drop a Necroleech when he escapes.

Return to the king in metrolia, Rigaldo will enter mid-conversation. Random and Sarah will meet in the royal garden after that, where Sarah will be abducted by Royal Lawn Gnomes and taken to the evil tower. The madness ends with Day 9.