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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 8

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Day 8 - Footsteps

Buy the Mad Man's Sun from Baretta.

----Main Quest----
Go to the old shack(18) west of the underking's castle. Talk to the Beholder inside twice, then push the barrel out of the way and enter the parasite basement. Fire does excellent on enemies down here, the Evair Daggers you bought earlier do more then teandal with 2 swings. Check the various containers for a Necrotear and the chest for a Zapoo Diamond, Bull Skull and 771pp. Go downstairs and check the pots for Grey Leaves and go downstairs again. Enter the door to the left and get the Ozor Bandana from the chest before confronting the parasite. Light the parasite up and it will drop a Soul Ore, then get the baloon.

There's a Blank Book and some traps in the shrine to the south, other then that it's empty. Fly northwest to the Castle of Silence.


-Bounty Hunting, Branchu's Heart-
The forest around the castle of silence contains green branchus, which drop the branchu heart. They're numbable, paralyzable and weak to fire. Kill them until you get the heart, which could be a while.

----Main Quest----
Enter the Castle of Silence. Save to the right, go north to the next screen. Enter the firsth south path on the left and pull the lever(#1). Get a Trout from the west chest and continue east and down the second south path. Pull the lever(#2) and go back west, pull lever #1 again to deactivate it and go west down the second path and upstairs. The right chest contains a Whale Lance continue north and upstairs. The brown chest to the south contains a Tyrano Shield. Go back downstairs and take the east path, the chest on the left holds 4 Pet Foods. Continue west and go upstairs, work your way to the lever and pull it(#3).

Go all the way downstairs and take the first south path to the east, kill the npc who drops a Yveen's Nectar and go upstairs. Go upstairs again and take the east path, the chest to the south shows the location of the Guild of Undead. Now take the west path, the chest at the end of the hall contains a Necroleech. Go downstairs and downstairs once more, you should see a blankbook in the middle, and a save point south of that, save and walk south past the point to a secret switch. Enter the east door (the west door is trapped), and pull the lever under the wall(#4).

This is going to be very confusing, but before talking to the boss we need to get a few chests, since lever #4 is pulled now. Go back to the second room of the castle, deactivate levers #2 and #1, then go upstairs twice and get the Diamond Of Zerox from the chest. Activate levers 1 and 2 again,deactivate lever 1 after lever 2 is activated. Then go up the west stairs, then the south stairs and get the chest containing Gate Of Diamond Book and the Isaran Helmet. I haven't found a way to the third locked room chest, in the north stair room, maybe it's a teaser.

The boss is pretty easy, the minion is weak to claw(Heavy Slash) and the lord seems weak to fire. When they die a Bull Skull, the Slasher Rapier, and the Drake drop. Fight off the Drake and he'll escape. Day 8 Ends.