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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 7

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Day 7 - Open Sesame?

Go down the ladder and egress out. Stop by Barettas shop and buy 4 Evair Daggers and one or more Dogura Helm. Go to the inn and enter randoms room, check the chest for a Pine Apple. Get another bounty from the fighters guild, this time for branchus hearts.

----Main Quest----
Teleport to the gloomy lands and enter the castle. Unequip Zoo and take the new teleporter in the second room directly to the Underking. Talk to him and Zoo leaves the party. Teleport to metrolia and enter the castle library, talk to Luciana. Leave the castle, go towards the manor and Luciana will rejoin the party outside.

-The Manor-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Baretta, Anyone
Enter and go get ambushed, kill the ambusher(who's numbable), then go into the east doorway. Kill the door which drops Lava Obsianite and continue. Go north, pull the lever then get the chest with the Bird Birdana in the south room. Go Upstairs, get the Platinum Crown from the north room and continue south. Take the westh path and get the chest under the wall containing 6208pp and Lanthinia Armor.

Go downstairs back to the tavern and take the west doorway. Let the old man stay at the inn and continue north and pull the lever. The south room has 618pp, go upstairs. The north room contains the Lore Book. Go south, at the split the east and south paths are dead ends, go west and upstairs. The north room has a sword in the ground, i couldn't pull it at 29, the chest contains 5 Trouts.

Go back downstairs and east, the chest has a Phoenix Down, if you don't have Baretta, pull the out of place candle holder, it's a secret lever. Go south and pull the first candle holder you see, it opens another door in the west room. Go into the west room, the first chest contains the Red Apricot Bow and Tyrano Shield, the second chest contains a Melopi Wand, Hypno Rod, and Noble Eagle Feather. Go back east and continue down the south path, the chest holds 1305pp. Go east past the stairs and get the Bear Armor. Go Downstairs and west down the path, the chest contains a Yveen's Kiss and Potatoe. Continue north and go downstairs. Go north, the chest has a Dabaki Pepper and 4 Spider Horns. Go up the right staircase and pull the lever.

Continue north and downstairs, a save point is east. Go all the way west and take the last south path to pull a lever. Go back to the split and go south, try to avoid the ghosts, one of them takes alot of kills. Go south through the door then west to a chest with a Mithril Sword. Backtrack east to the savepoint then go south, if you haven't already you'll meet the most annoying enemy in the game down here, Evil Bubbles, hard to run from, very fast, and drain your mp. Try to get luciana and one other character to 400ish speed, you might go first and kill them off with lord of the dance + other spell.

Continue west and pull the lever to deactivate it, then go west/south/east to a door and small room. Push the button at the end of the hall and save in the small room, the chest contains 7 Tonic Teas. Heal up and read the letter on the table. Kill the baron, fire works well, and he drops a Bromium and Tonic Stone. Egress out and report to the king.

Remove all of Luciana's gear again, and just leave a Cockatrix Pendant on her. Return to the Underking and he'll send you on another quest. The party will return to metrolia first, and Luciana will have another dream. You'll probably recognize the npc in the dream, which spoils the surprise. Cast grand protection twice, razor sun and then hyper flare until it's dead, it will drop a Dabaki Pepper. If Luciana wasn't immune to basic elements his spells would be very strong. Luciana awakes and Day 7 ends.