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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 6

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Day 6 - An Unlikely Ally

Important Note: Don't do the pet tournament while you have Zoo, there's a bug that causes you to only have random and luciana in your party when you finish it. You cannot re-add Zoo.

Go south to the teleporter and exit the castle. Stop by Baretta's shop and buy the Stories Of Warrior Book. Go to the fighter's guild and get 3 new quests.

--Side Quests--

-Rat Quest-
Enter house 29 in Metrolia(check the map again). Having your sound on helps in this quest, check the table next to the washing pool and you'll hear a roar. Check the green case where the woman is and you'll hear another roar. Go between the beds and check the north wall, the rat will run out. Kill it to end this painfully hard quest.

-Lost Child Quest-
He's in the crypt of 7000 skulls, here's the quick directions to him. Go north on to the teleport, then north through the door downstairs, go south and take the east path. Quest done.

-Ore Lab-
Now that you have the snore pendant this is a little safer. Sandy's Vision spell can save you alot of time here. Save before entering. Kill the 2 Silver Guards at the entrance, silver guards can drop the Silver Tower Shield. Silence them so they don't hurricane spin you, i used shocker to silence them and necotears to revive. Sometimes clash works on them. If you didn't get the fighters guild rank, this should have done it after you talk to Anvirs in Metrolia. Moving on, the chest in the left room has a Soul Ore.

Avoid the orange guys(Slaughterers, Extremely buff) if possible, it make take you some time but it is possible to time it and run past every single one of them in here. If you do get caught, use the Snore Pendant on them, the weaken effect always hits them making them unable to hurricane spin and hit very weakly and less often. Slaughterers can randomly drop the Heaven Javelin which is quite powerful at this point. On the next screen check the indent to the south for an Astrobalt, then go all the way west for an Bromium. The Ugly Groumchorms can be paralyzed and deathed, they look like dragons. Go down the staircase then run east and up.

On this screen, notice the Slaughterers are patroling and not chasing, go up the north path to the next screen. Go east and get the trapped chest containing Bromium(have coryool or nash). Go back to the screen with the patrol and take the second south path for the Ore Sceptre. Now go west to the next screen. Hide in the crevice to avoid the patrol, then run west. As you walk past the cages a trap will go off and open all the doors, the chest in the first south cell is a trick(or a bug) so don't bother going back to it.

The next patrolers are more tricky, you'd expect the first one to not see if you, if you walk along the south wall right? well he does, so time it, walk by him as he walks by you. The next two are trickier, follow the top one east, but don't bump into him. Time it so you walk by the lower one as he's moving. Once you reach the end of the hall quickly run south while the top one has it's back turned to you. Now go west and north to the next patroler, i don't think you can use the "run by as he's walking" tactic on this one, but there is a crevice at the north end of the hall so stay behind him, enter the crevice, and let him walk south past you, then go to the next screen.

On this screen go east and then north to a chest, get the Weapon Smith Books #2 and 3 from the chest. Go south and east, you'll have to fight 3 Silver Guards, hope they don't hurricane spin. Go east and get a Cryzalis from the chest, then go north to a slaughterer, he can be lured south, behind the barrel. On the next screen go north and kill the ugly, try to lure all the slaughterers to the NW corner. Go down the east path and run north very quickly while dodging the slaughterers. In this room watch out for the mine on the floor, get the Soul Ore, 3 Lycose Pearls, Raw Scaloide and Azura from the chests and Muura Gem from the refiner.

A smart person would egress out at this point, but we still have 3 chests left to get and a horde of slaughterers waiting for us outside... so go outside dodge them the best you can, get the Diamond of Zerox and Zapoo Diamond from the chest then find the chest hidden under the wall on the SE square wall, it contains a Ocean Love. Now go south to the next screen. The Ugly and Guard here are avoidable, go to the next screen, kill the ugly, continue along the path to the chest and get the Heart Of The Town and Weapon Smith Book #4. Now you can egress, but we'll be back here for one or two sidequests later. Note: Do not give the Muura gem to the Mage Guild yet, we have potential things we can do with it, i'm going to list the possible things you can blacksmith with the muura gem, if any, when i get to the blacksmith later on.

-Zurabor's House-
On the world map this house is #48, it only appears if you talked to the mushroom in Zacky Counter(51). Inside the house you'll find 675pp and Zurabor who changes into a demon. At this point he's easy to kill, you could do him days earlier if you wanted. He drops nothing.

-Tribal Village-
The gates opened yesterday, day 5, but since there was no other sidequests i just included it here. There's 315pp laying around. Bring Herasia along and talk to the women of the village, one of them will be the one the dog was looking for, return to Ronan's shop(52) and talk to the dog again, take him to the woman, talk to him once more and the quest is complete.

Also, the owner of the Silver Shop, south of Metrolia, has returned and has new wares.

----Main Quest----
Enter the Ancient Dwarven Cave east of Metrolia(36). Go north to the second screen, take the npc on your right to hq. Continue north to a 3-way split, the north path is empty, the west path has a save point and a cave only reachable later on, that leads to the blacksmith. Go down the east path, you'll eventually see a path leading north, go up it and get a Apricot.

Continue east and get the 108pp chest just south of you. Go east/north to another chest containing a Cockatrix Pendant. Continue north to a lake, NE has a save point, save if you want then continue west. The O will come out of the lake and attack you at a certain point. He's simple, continue west to the next screen. The the chest holds an Astrobalt. Follow the path south/west to a split, the SE path is empty, the south path contains a chest with 213pp and 3 Indinera Conkers, the north path is empty, the NW path has a Melopi Wand.

Now go down the west path and get the World Of Ice Book from the chest, then climb the ladder. The north path is empty, save and go east. Zoo will break down the rusty gate(about time someone busted a door), go north and pull the lever, the chest has 2 Tonic Teas and 718pp. Now go farther east and take the next north path for a chest containing a Royal Pirahna and 957pp. Go east to the last room and slaughter some thieves. The chest on the right contains a War Of The Best Scroll and 2100pp. Kill Bari, quest completed. Check the pot for 615pp. Talk to the vampire to end Day 6.