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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 5

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Day 5 - A Shady Deal

Enter the Underking's Castle, then leave, just to get the Gloomy Lands teleport location, check out the shop to the south if you want, you can sell crystal gems and cockatrix feathers to a npc there. Then teleport(use a teleport amulet you bought earlier if you don't have the spell) to metrolia to stop by Baretta's shop. Buy at least one Magical Sword and Lonfa Ring. As you exit the screen she'll offer you the Awesome Damnation Ring for a low price, it boosts speed and attack drasticly at the price of defense and mind. Bring some extra money with you to the Underking's Castle, 50-100k is alright.(you should have plenty since the bank has been raising as you quested)

----Main Quest----
Enter the Underking's Castle. Talk to Vaszanka and get permission to enter. The npc in the center of the room here really will make a teleport to the underking for 500k, but this can lead to a bug later on. Besides, why would you want to miss all the loot. Continue north, pull the lever. The east path is a dead end, the west path leads slowly to the underking, and the north path has loot. But first, take the teleport stars next to the north path and get the chest containing Hammermark Armor and 4560pp. Egress, then take the north path. Save, in the NE corner a chest contains the Bra' Shim Bow.

Go upstairs and go west, the first south room has a Necroleech, the second room is empty. Continue west and SW, the SW stairs lead to a dead end, so continue east. Follow the path to another stairway and go up them. Go straight north to a room with a vampire, check the cabinets for the Demon Ring and the Necroleech in the chest. Go south and east a little bit and enter the small room, inside the drawer is a Red Bone, leave the small room and backtrack SW.

From the stairs, go east and get the chest containing a 666 Scroll. Enter the north room and get the very useful Snore Pendant from the chest. Continue east and go south into a larger room, pull the lever. South through the metal door you'll find a terrace, you can randomly encounter a very powerful butterfly here, that gives decent xp and 3 slayer points to Sarah. I'd suggest not attempting it right now. We're done with the north path, so work your way backwards to the main room.

Enter the west path. The first drawer you see has a Cockatrix Feather, the south door is a dead end, continue west. The north room has 2 chests, the first contains a Bariilk's Talisman and the second has Nothing. Continue west along the path, you should be at a npc called Barac if your in the right spot, continue south. Pull only the left lever and continue north across the buttons. You should see a vampire eating a meal here, talk to him and Guanidia will gain +3hp. Continue north to a split(a picture is on the wall), a drawer to the east has 4 Tonic Teas, now take the northern path and go east. At the next split, with the blue rug, take the southern path and go east. Follow it north past some glass tiles, and you should see a armor room to the south, go into it and east and get 126pp from the ground and 4718pp from under the wall.

Go back and continue east. You should see some stairs, go up them. Go west, and this is hard to explain, if you don't have baretta check the wall, right next to the first candles against the north wall. When your in the hidden path, take the first north path to a chest hidden behind the pillar, containing Pike Armor, take the second north path for 2783pp, and the third northern path for a Boka Boka Root and Antidote. Exit the hidden passage and continue west, the south room contains a Dark Ring. Backtrack to the stairs and go down them(the east path upstairs is a dead end).

Once downstairs continue east. Take the first south path and get 656pp from the drawer. Right after the drawers you'll see another split, take the east path and go south to a white room, you opened the gate to this room with the lever on the north path earlier. The cabinet contains a Fierce Card, 114pp, Thunder Force Book, and 8 666 Scrolls. Continue sw and follow the path east past the art glass. Continue north and you should see a blue carpet room with a vampire pacing back and forth, continue north past that and follow the path east. Get the 4 Phoenix Feathers in the bag. Take the third, open, path to the south and pull the lever. Take the second path and pull another lever, but continue south after that and get another lever to the east. Take the first path and pull the slightly hidden lever under the wall. Get the chest with a Necrotear and 202pp, to the south then continue SE, don't pull the lever you see here, it locks the gate. Continue south past the lever, you should see 2 statues with a glass floor to your left, continue south past that.

Don't bother pulling the lever to the east, the hole in the cell contains nothing. Continue west down a long hall to a save point and stairway, save and go upstairs. The human npc here will give you some minor info for 2k, continue north past him. Check the cabinets for a Savior Page, take the west path of the split first, you should see a room to the south with alot of cabinets to search. You'll find a Cockatrix Feather and 2 Savior Pages. Continue west and get the second Sword Of Ages from the chest. Go NW past the chest and get another with a Necrotear, and another west of that with 2323pp. Now go south of the sword chest and downstairs. A little to the right is the Wave Of Purity Book, now go west. In the cabinet is a Diamond, continue east and north quite a ways, check the 2 cabinets on the way for a Heaven Cries Scroll. Continue north into the doorway, a chest behind the right tree contains Azura, the waterfall to the north heals you completely but poisons you. Leave the room and continue east to a save point.

The second doorway is the treasury but every chest is locked. Continue east and get 273pp and Necroleech from the chest. Continue all the way east and you should be at another lord, take the west path of the split first and go south. The chest has another Necroleech and a Redheaded Kid(Slappa). Go back and take the east path, the chest by the door contains a Crusader Sword and 77pp. Enter the doorway to the beholder den. Take the NW path first and get a Tonic Teafrom the pot in the north room, continue SW and get a O Donnel Skull from the west pot. Continue north east and south and you'll end up near the entrance, go east further and get the Bull Skull from the pot.

Leave the den and continue east. Pull the lever and go south to pull the lever under the wall, then go north and pull that lever. If you have baretta you already noticed the secret passage, if you don't have her walk 6 tiles west of the lever(the north one) and enter the north wall. The chest here contains the Fairy Dress and Yveen gives you +4MP. Go back to the south room and get the chest containing the Blood Blower Staff.

Backtrack all the way to the split where you took the left doorway. Now take the right path of the split. At the second split take the left path, the right path is a dead end, you should end up at stairs on the left path, go up them. Follow the path, get the chest to your left for a 666 Scroll. At the split take the east path and go south down the blue carpet. Continue south past the east path and get 1778pp from the chest, then take the east path. Get the chest from the north room for Bromium, then go east, past a south path and into a doorway. This is the shop, later on you can buy a undead card here for 800k, but right now just buy enough necrotears to get your total to 97(you'll see why), 99 mp replenish and a few demon horns.

Leave the shop and take the south path to a stairway, go down it. Follow the path, get 173pp from a bag on the table, a Necrotear from the chest north of that and a Black Lady Dress north of that. Backtrack to the blue carpet, where you went south, this time go east. Get 489pp from the bag on the floor and continue west to a stairway. Go up it and buy the Armies Of Ninjas Book from the human npc.

Go back downstairs and continue west. Go north through the doorway and take the east path, follow it to a chest containing a NecroTear. Finally, go back south and take the west path, go north into the Teleporters. Follow the path to the throne room, save on the way. In the throne room, do not step on the teleporter. Talk to the Underking and he'll send you on a quest with Zoo's help. So ends Day 5.