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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 4

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Day 4 - Pain Reveals It's Face.

My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash.
Baretta's shop has opened, so be sure to stop by there and buy at least one of everything she has, Every day. Stop by your HQ to heal and save.Enter Metrolia and Luciana will have another vision. Enter your inn and an old friend from LP1 will be there, Lisa the sankt leona guardian. Upstairs in Random's room will be a letter from Jezzie, another friend from LP1. Go to the top floor and check the west side of the room for a fly:

Dagayel'rr Battle, Version 4 ---He should have came back as a cockroach, since he NEVER FREAKIN' DIES
Random - Defend
Luciana - Razor Sun
Wendala - Angel Wars
Nash - Defend

He'll cast the powerful Holocaust immediately, wendala will take no damage though and luciana will take very little(because of Love's Amulet in my case). When he dies he'll drop a Pet Food. That's all for the inn, now i'd suggest stopping by the fighter guild and getting the raptor scale bounty quest. Then head to baretta's shop and buy a shield or 2, talk to her behind the counter and she'll offer to join you, for 100k which is a bargain.

My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash.

Bounty Hunting, Raptor Scale
Raptors are found in the terror woods far sw of metrolia, a sign will tell you your there. Kill raptors, get scale, return to fighter guild. Terror woods gives good xp and slayers as well.

-Shrine of Yveen-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sarah, Coryool/Geo Leanda
Enter the Shrine of Yveen, NW of the Prison of Desa. Save, then go north to about 14 strong and fast venom lycoses. Thunder Crush, Femme Fatale, Death, and the box of moanings are the best things you can use on them, they have a very large hp. Go into the north through the door, and ignore the chest, it's a empty lycose trap. Continue through the NE door and open the chest on your left for a Heaven Cries Scroll, then continue east. Pull the lever in the first room, the chest in the second room contains Obsidian Armor, then pull the lever in the third room and get the chest behind the cross, holding a Milk Of The Brave.

Go back to the trap chest room and take the NW path. The top right door shows the boss, but he's unreachable from there so continue west. The west drawer in the first south room contains an Ancient Sand. Save to the east, then continue west to the second south room. The chest here is trapped, but contains the Evangile Armor. If the blast was too powerful reload from the east save point and come back later with coryool. Now go up the left northern path. The first east room has 516pp in a drawer, the second has a chest with Alchemy Recipe #3 and the cabinet contains a Tonic Tea and Phoenix Feather. Continue north around the bend to a chest containing 3313pp.

Return to the save point(save) and take the first north path. Jump down the hole into a pit of 13 venom lycoses. The NE chest contains 2 Death Scrolls, and there's another save point to use SW. Go north, check the odd spot in the wall for an Egress Certificate, and continue to the boss. The east chest contains the Eyes Over The Sky Book, and there's a hidden passage south of the piano(you have to check the wall, you can't just walk into it). In the hidden room there's 4 Heaven Cries Scrolls and a Warrior Nectar in the first 2 chests. Don't bother trying to open the south one, even with coryool, it has a massive blast and contains only around 20kpp, so just come back for it much later. Return to the boss room and begin:

Sour Angels x2
These two can be tough. Make sure everyone has one piece of holy element armor on.
Random - Silver Attack the right one until dead.
Luciana - Paralysis the left one, then Lord of the Dance. (can do grand protection twice also if you want, but your characters are likely to die even with it on.
Wendala - Luciens Smile once, then shocker on the right one until dead
Nash - Mass Crush them both, right one first.

I had to use a couple of Royal Pirahnas to keep characters alive, but then the right angel ran out of mp and it was pretty much over. Upon killing them a Lycose Pearl is dropped. Now put the vase on the table, quest complete. You can return to the brotherhood in metrolia now if you want, but there's nothing special there.

-Tomb in the Ant's Nest-
Go west of the Science Institute and enter the Ant Hill. Once inside, take the east path and go south to the next screen. Continue east/south to a small hole, hop in it and quickly run south to the next screen, try to dodge some of the ants. Continue south and you should end up at the Tomb, take it egress out and teleport to the Guild of Fire to return it and get a new quest.

-Dragon Lairs, 1 through 3-
Save somewhere, then enter the first cave east of Metrolia. Drachknor is in this cave:

My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash.
He uses 666 alot so wear one piece of dark gear on everyone.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Grand Protection twice, Lord of the Dance
Wendala - Luciens Smile once, Love Me
Nash - Mass Crush, Psycho Bomb

Use Phoenix Downs and Apricots as needed. Upon death he'll drop an Antary's Apple and leave a chest with a Raw Scaloide.

The hardest one is out of the way, now go NW of the Science Institue to the Zombie Drake's lair. Paralyze/fire/holy and he drops a Necrotear there's also a Red Bone in the top left of his lair.

Now go to the third dragon, north of the Giants Fortress. Just pound on him, and he'll drop a Fairy Wings. That's all of the dragons for now, 3 of 8.

-Giant's Fortress Revisited
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sarah, Baretta(at a low-mid 20's level)
This part is completely optional, it's just to make things alot easier later on.

Before entering here's a few tips: Most giants are weak to the laser element. Cuisinarts can be paralyzed and clashed, but the success rate isn't very high, lava wall them for high damage at a minimal cost.Head Cutters can be blinded. Man 'N Potato have the most hp(i think, maybe it's cuisinarts though), can be silenced and are weak vs mind spells, Five Men Slain have the lowest hp.

Re-enter the Giant's Fortress. Take the west path to the next screen then follow the west wall north to a chest containing a 666 scroll and 2 Mayuca's Winters. Along the east wall you'll find a chest with the Arkandos. Enter the right room, check the empty shelves for a Savior Page. Continue along the path and kill the 3 guards, then get the chests behind them containing Metal Fists, Warlord Shield, and 9560pp.

Backtrack out of the room and go north, to the screen where you saved Sandy. Save and go north, you should see a big guy standing still next to the wall on the west side, talk to him to fight a mini-boss:

He does massive damage on melee swings, and moderate damage with his Atom Core spell(nash takes no damage from it).
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Razor Sun until he's blind, Lord of the Dance, then Razor Sun for damage
Wendala - Lucien's Smile, Love Me
Nash - Mass Crush, Psycho Bomb

Upon death he drops the Gigas Axe. Continue north to the spot where you saved Sandy, the west hall has a lever you need to pull, the east hall has a chest containing a Paralysis Scroll and 2 Jungle Jump Scrolls. Go back and save, heal up, then go upstairs using the west path, past the 3 guards. On this screen, enter the north room to meet the giants sorcerer:

He's resistant to most if not all spell elements, uses a few fire spells, atom core, and g-wave.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Lord of the Dance
Wendala - Lucien's Smile, Shell
Nash - Mass Crush, Heavy Slash

Upon death he drops a Persilea. In the left cabinet you can get a Lakes Of Blood Book. The chest is a infinite trap, don't bother opening it, even if you survive the blast it just resets. Exit to the south and then there's 2 ways to proceed, the hard way, which is fighting those 3 giants to the south. and the easy way, taking the secret passage. To find the secret passage, line up with west cabinet and walk south into the wall. The chest behind the giants contains the Eagle Spear, continue south.

On this screen, don't pull the lever to the west, it seals off part of the upper floor. Ignore the first east path for now, and take the second east hall, a npc in the first south room explains the giants name, in the second south room get 755pp from the drawer, and 2356pp from the chest, the last room is empty so backtrack to the mainhall and go down the second west path. The first south room has a N-Bomb in the drawer. The second and third south rooms are empty, so go back to the main hall and continue farther south. Take the third west path, the first south room contains a save point. The second south room has a chest with the Lost Shores Book. The third south room has a chest with Divine Armor and Torpedo Spear. Go back to the hall south and east are empty, so backtrack north to the first east hall and go upstairs.

Save, and go follow the path west, the small west path has 325pp and 2 chests in a room containing Ga-R' Gylion Fists and 1007pp. Backtrack a little then go south. Take the west path, and enter the south room, pull the 3 levers and enter the north room, the chest contains a Sky Diamond. Now go back and take the east path, then south, check the barrel for 5 Whales and continue south. Check the chest to your left for an Aurora Diamond and 3 Whales. Apparently the giants are excellent fishermen, continue south to the treasure room. First, 2 notes. Note1: My Nash was level28 with 555hp, the last trap left him at around 90hp. Note2: There's currently a bug with the last chest, Baretta can disarm it infinitely if she's high enough, gaining xp and both the items every time, if you open it without her it will work normaly.

The first chest is trapped and contains the Destroyer Axe. The second chest is also trapped and contains Wardom Armor. The third chest is not trapped and contains the Giant Helmet and Heavy Platinum Ring. The fourth chest is not trapped and contains a Mayuca's Winter and Flower Of Aquapanga. The fifth chest is trapped and contains the Orb Of The Underground. The sixth and final chest has the worst trap, it contains the Ozur Bracelet and Magdalena Bracelet. Equip the Magdalena Bracelet on Wendala for a bonus boost to her hp.

Return to the main hall and go south/west, get the chest containing 3 Tonic Teas and continue south along the path. The chest on your right contains a Yveen's Kiss and Flower Of Aquapanga. Continue a little farther south to a save point and lever, pull the lever and save. If you want xp, or an even easier time when you return here later, go upstairs and kill the "small" amount of giants guarding the metal gate, right now that gate isn't openable, you'll know when it is. The lever you pulled by the save point opened the wine room, on the floor below, go in fight through the rats and one of the barrels contains a Yveen's Kiss. That's all of the Giants Fortress for now.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but occasionly check west of the Giants Fortress for traveling nomads, you'll know if they're there by the new building. Inside you can get many things for a price and 81pp under a tree. Buy all the 'rare' items (except the scrolls), there's also a blank book here. Later on, you can find a Phial Of Mantis(water) here in the pile of bottles, but ONLY after you have the quest from the mage guild and before you found the 'other' Phial.

----Main Quest----
My Party: Random, Wendala/Sandy, Nash/Guanidia, Baretta. (i changed to sandy and guanidia before the upcoming castle, guanidia gets a bonus and i brought sandy for the vision spell, so i could save anywhere in the castle) Suggested Party: Random, Baretta, Guanidia, Anyone
That's all of the sidequests i can think of at the moment, so on with the main quest. Remove all of Lucianas gear, since she's about to leave the party...Forever! Not really, but she does leave to do some research. Talk to the king in Metrolia. He'll join you to confront the baron. Upon leaving the castle the sky will grow dark and a large figure, a Drake/Dragon will fly overhead. You'll be automaticly taken to the manor and find it empty, except for some demon doors.

After the talk you end up at the castle, choose your party and go to the small path north of metrolia, Cape Spine, very close to the swamp. Save and go north to the next screen, kill Ratarazzi easily, he'll drop Grey Leaves, and a cutscene happens.

A mystery creature starts to fly through space towards what i assume to be the Deport. Then it cuts to some demons you saw earlier in Lucianas dream, now ask yourself, is rixian the creature in space? If so who was the eye we saw earlier. Day 4 ends on that note, don't you just love a cliff hanger?