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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 3

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Day 3 - You Shall Know Fear...

----Main Quest----
--Unknown Temple--

My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sarah, Coryool/Nash
Enter the temple and walk north to a save point. The chest on the right is empty, the pot in the upper left has a Red Bone. Start by going down the SW hall, and downstairs at the end. Go east and then south. The first and second west paths are dead ends, the third has 2 chests containing an Apricot and 2 Toad Legs. Backtrack to the stairs and go north, jump down the hole.

Go north up the path and then go west. A southern pot holds 751pp, a chest north of that has a Light Ring. Take the east path next and save by the stairs, don't try opening that chest it's trap is too strong at this point. Go upstairs twice and get the Wind Cutter Claws from the chest. Go back down to the cross section, and this time take the north path. The right room has a chest with 822pp and a Mithril. Continue north and east, don't step on the pentagram yet, continue east and get a Tonic Stone from the jar. Now step on the pentagram and you'll end up back at the entrance.

This time go east and downstairs. Now go north and get the chest by the dino skull, the chest contains a Medicate and 2 Trout. Now open the dino skull and enter it for a secret room with a save point and a chest containing a Zombie Eye, Necroleech, and Dabaki Pepper. Exit the skull and continue north. Go north past the stairs and get 2 Jungle Jump Scrolls from the chest, then go up the stairs. The chest here contains a Flower of Aquapanga. Return to the other staircase(south), the npc to the west gives no useful info so continue south to another staircase, and go down. Go west and fight the 4 enemies blocking the north room, open the chest from the east or west, it's trapped on the south side, it contains the Venom Bow and a Yveen's Nectar. Continue west/north, the first west path is a dead end with traps, so continue north. The second west path leads to a lever(walk in the mouths to avoid dagger traps), activate it and go back to the intersection. The lower/first east path is also a dead end. Go down the second east path and save. Check the pots for 212pp. Continue east/north and get the Azura from the chest. Do Not open the gate, it will freeze you at the moment. Egress back to the entrance and go north.

The gate is now opened because of the lever pulled downstairs. Kill the 3 enemies and check the 3 chests for an Ebony Lance, Silvereen Bow, Royal Pirahna, Swamp Keeper Shield and 2 Antidotes. Activate the two levers go down the sw path, the gate is now open near the stairs, go north through it. Defeat Lucius Maledoni and he'll drop a Horizon Ring. Save, continue north despite his warning of course and meet your first real boss, Dagayel'rr. My strategy was:

Dagayel'rr Battle
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Grand Protection twice, then Lord of the Dance
Wendala - Luciens Smile twice, then Angel Wars
Nash - Mass Crush once, then Heavy Slash

After he 'dies' he'll drop a Bromium. The party will find a Lansdowne Member Card and put 2 and 2 together. Heal up completely with items, and time to finish the temple. As you leave the room you'll see the mage again, he'll disapear leaving the Azkaard Armor behind. Go back to the entrance savepoint, and go down the SE path. Enter the opened gateway and kill the monsters blocking you. Activate the lever, and then hug the right or left wall, going up the exact center will freeze you from a trap bug. Kill the 5 gargoyles and continue north, the chest contains the Shell of the Swamp, Sun Chaser Bow, and 3 Antidotes. Go south and downstairs again. Go back to the gate that i said would freeze you earlier, now that the boss is dead it can be opened, so pull the lever. Don't touch the 2 dino skulls, it sends you back to the entrance, follow the path and activate the lever. Backtrack to the save point, go west of it and then north. Take the West path first, and go upstairs for 4 chests containing a Mist Ring, 4151pp, Cockatrix Fists, Boka Boka Root, and Bamboo Staff. Backtrack and continue north. The west side has 313pp and a chest with 701pp, 3 Moon Fish, and 5 Trout. The east side has 1385pp in the chest. Kill the mini-boss and get 405pp to the right. That's all of the temple, you can now egress.

Leave the temple and night has fallen, cast egress but the new thicker fog is blocking the spell. So start walking out, towards the Inn of No Return. At the inn, you may notice everyone has been slaughtered, go upstairs using the left staircase, then go down using the right one. In this room you'll encounter Dagayel'rr once again.

Dagayel'rr Battle, Version 2 --- We can rebuild him, Stronger, Faster, Eviler.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Lord of the Dance once, Razor Sun once, then Hyper Flare
Wendala - Luciens Smile once, then Angel Wars
Nash - Mass Crush once, then Heavy Slash
If he melees you you'll probably need to phoenix down.

After he kicks the bucket a chest containing the Sparkling Jaws and 8 Medicates appears. Leave the inn and continue the walk out of the swamp. Soon you'll meet:

Anthroryon --- My granny, what a large tail you have.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Lord of the Dance once, Razor Sun once, then Hyper Flare
Wendala - Luciens Smile once, then Angel Wars
Nash - Mass Crush once, then Hell Breath

If you brought Sandy, she'll be shocked.
You can now egress again, so do that and head north to the exit, save and heal up again before leaving, because of:

Dagayel'rr Battle, Version 3 --- We can rebuild him again, Strongest, Fastest, Evilist. and lowest hp.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Razor Sun, Hyper Flares
Wendala - Silver Amulet item, then normal attacks
Nash - Mass Crush, Heavy Slash

And as he ahem, dies, the sun rises and Day 3 ends.