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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 2

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Day 2 - Yveen Shall Light The Way

You can join the Guild of the Unknown now if you have the crown of celestine. For the record, my Leanda is a Dark Thaumaturgist and my Sarah is Arts.

My party: Random, Luciana, Chaz, Leanada

You wake up in the inn, head towards the exit and you'll see a letter from sandy. Downstairs you'll see another letter, this one is from Meenoba the fairy, she sent you a Fairy Wing. Talk to Linda, meet Vision.

Enter 92 and get a quest for missing armor. Go to the fighters guild and get the new important quest to save the duchess. Start to leave town and you'll be ambushed by Vakarular. He's simple enough, continue outside.

-Pre-Swamp Sidequests, Optional-
This is the order i did things, you may do them differently. Follow the road NW to a cave in the mountains, enter it and find your HQ. Pre-patch, go into the right staircase and buy whales from the shop keeper here, which you should have gotten in metrolia. Buy as many whales as you can from him. Before you leave, pick up Linda from the main room, she'll heal you of some status ailments(call her on randoms spell screen, i think each one has a price.) Now you can leave.

-Metrolian Woods-
Enter the metrolian woods, just SE of the hq. Talk to Yveen, continue north. When you reach a split, take the west path. Open the chest for Armor of Gershynia, then backtrack east and go down the east path, on this screen find the yellow Dragon Mushroom to the sw, then backtrack west. Get the Double Axe from the chest behind the tree, and take the nw path for a Dragon Mushroom. Backtrack south, of the 2 paths in the ne corner take the east one. On this map there's a chest behind the southern tree containing the Large Lance. Take the first north path(the west of the two) and get a Dragon Mushroom on this map, then backtrack south and go down the south path. Take the Dragon Mushroom and the chest with a Cockatrix Feather. Egress.

Enter the Silver Shop south of the forest, buy 1 potatoe, go downstairs and check the bucket for the Diamond Rod, then leave. Go east past a small forest and take a south turn at the lake, add Sarah to the party and enter the small abnormal grass on the map by the mountains. Talk to the Drake/Dragon and he'll join you after seeing sarah(Nash from lp2).

-Giant's Fortress-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Nash, Coryool
Save at hq or metrolia, then add Nash and Coryool to your party and follow the road far west to the giants fortress. Use Nash's psycho bomb on the weak guards then save again at the chair. go down the east path, check the top left barrle for 1028pp. Kill the guard if you want and continue north. After you enter the door, Do Not be caught by the guards, these ones are significantly harder. If you do get caught reloading is your best option, or use this: Random Golden Attack, Luciana Razor Sun, Nash mass crush/psycho bomb, coryool heavy punch or healing items. After a fight use 1 whale to heal.

Run past the guards, work your way north to find a chest along the eastern wall, open it to find the Left Room Key. Run west and find the locked door down one of the halls, go into it and save. Check the chest for the Triple Shield and 13781pp, and the top barrel for a Pine Apple, then get the lever to the south. Go back north, save again, and run far north into the large doorway. Save again to your left, then kill the 3 guards in the center and the 1 after that. Run far north even faster and rescue the Duchess + Sandy. Save again, as you exit to the south take either the left or right side to avoid walking right into a giant, and run out of the fortress.

-Misc Stuff-
Note: Some time after you save sandy, Guld, sandy's nearly rabid dog, will show up at the inn and join you.
After your out sandy joins you, add her to your party now and go north to a small graveyard, enter it and talk to the bard. Try picking up his coins and sandy will stop you, yveen will give sandy a bonus for this. She can get a second bonus by picking up the coins to the right and giving them to the bard. Now head SW of the giants fortress to 2 buildings, enter the first one and get 179pp on the left, talk to the mushroom and he'll add a building on your map. Open the chest for the Sunset Love Book, then add herasia to your party and the female cat will be returned, rewarding you the Cat Berry.

Enter the next building and buy 1 sparkling claws, 2 dragon skins and a shark jaws. Talk to the dog with herasia for a later quest. Downstairs you'll find many rats that respawn, one of the best if not the best spots to level Sandy's Slayers. Leave and follow the road back eastward, take the first southern road you see.

Enter the Modern Science Institute and go into the center door. Buy a teleport location from one of the npcs, and 99 teleport amulets from another. You can get a picture if sarah is in your party. Next enter the left room and get the Solid Gun from a chest under the west wall. (This is my BOOMSTICK) Equip it on sandy and talk to the npcs here, buy both of the items and accept the iq feature for dreambook (and the test if you want, maybe you get a reward for answering them all correct). Leave there and teleport back to metrolia.

-Assassin's Den-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Sandy, Chaz
Go to the fighters guild and get 44k for the duchess quest. Buy healing items as neccesary, get more money from bank if needed. Enter the castle with Sandy and talk to the duchess on the left, she'll give sandy +10 attack. Leave metrolia(you can egress to the entrance), and enter the nearby assassins den. Lava wall or the Solid Gun pretty much wipes them out, on the second wave of them check the eastern wall for a chest containing Milk Of The Brave. Continue north into the next room, the 2 chests in the upper left contain a Trout and Bronze Key, the right chests contain the Silver Key, 2 Trout and 1 Moonfish. Enter the lower right door and get 128pp from the first chest, and the Lord Drammer Helmet and a Pine Apple from the other two chests. Backtrack and enter the lower left door. Take the 666 Scroll and Ebonite Key from the chests. Return to the main room and enter the north door. The left chest contains the Ice Axe, the top right side of the room has a hidden passage by the barrel, enter it and get the Cloud Piercer, 2 Royal Pirahna, 3755pp and 5206pp. Now go back and enter the final room to the north. Kill the easy boss, take the Leniggan Vase and sit on the throne for a heal, then egress.

-Slime Nest-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Sandy, Guanidia(I won't include the crystal gems as it's obvious where they are, but they can be sold for a small price later on.)
Next enter the Slime Nest right next to the assassins den. Check a crack in the east wall for a Cryzalis then continue south. Save and jump into the southern hole. Jump into the southern hole again. And Again. Now fight your way north to a slime throne, check it and kill the King Slime. One Razor sun and Ark Flares work well. Egress out and return to metrolia, enter the fighters guild and get your rewards. Stock up if needed.

-Thieve's Den-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Chaz, Leanda (chaz and leanda need the speed from this training quest, chaz also gets slayers)
Enter the Thieves Den south of Metrolia. The first chest contains the very useful Wolf Shield, the second and third chests contain an Indinera Rapier, 737pp, and the Platinym Sword. The first chest in the next room contains 3 Trouts. Go east and get the pile of pp from the ground. Go down the ne path and get a Raw Scaloide from the chest. Go back down the sw path, get the chest containing (not sure, missed the message) from the south room, continue west and south into the next room. Get 1850pp from the first chest and 1633pp from the second. Kill the lone Killing Machine down the first stairs and then the other 3 enemies down the next stairs, and take the 78pp. Go back and take the se path to the final room. One thunder crush killed the 12 killing machines. The last 2 chests contain Platinia Armor, Kayzr Slayer Helmet, and a Tonic Tea. Upon clearing all the enemies you get +10 speed.

-Crypt of 7000 Skulls-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash (i started bringing nash and wendala along from here on since they had some of the most important slayers)
Enter the Crypt of 7000 skulls, north of metrolia, east of your HQ. The first room contains 2 empty chests, go north. In this room start by checking the middle left pillar with the eye on it. Then the top right pillar. Top Left. Bottom Left. Middle Right. and finally the Bottom Right. The chest in the northern side of the room contains a Necroleech. The top left room now has a lever since you killed all the eyes, pull it and get the chest hidden behind the pillar, containing the Psycho Staff. The middle left room contains a teaser chest(as far as i know). The bottom left room is empty. The bottom right room is empty. The middle right room contains a ghost which you can only help much later in the game(day13). The top right room contains a chest with a Antidote.

In the main room, a black pentagram appeared when you pulled the lever, enter it and save. Now go south and east, check the head facing the wrong way and enter the door. The chest contains a MP Replenish. Continue north, and you will be teleported to the middle right room, the skull's eyes are no longer red now, allowing you to pass. Go back to the door that teleported you and enter it. In the east room you'll find a chest containing the Savage Ring. The north room is empty except for some spiders. Go back to the hall of heads and go west this time. Enter the door and get 1008pp from the chest, continue north and you'll be teleported again. Walk back and you can enter. Save and enter the west room, check the statue for a mini-boss. He hits pretty hard, razor sun and laser spells in general are effective, since he's humanoid. After he's dead, go back east and save. The chest contains 520pp, go north and pull the lever. Behind the right column is a chest containing a Trout.

Return to the main room, the one with the save point in the center, and go north through the now opened gate. The north chest contains a Zombie Lance, the east chest contains Bromium. Go downstairs and go upstairs on either the east or west side, either works. I took the west path so i'll be writing based on that. Under the wall at the northen edge you'll find a hidden chest with a Moon Fish in it, just above that is another chest with 2 Red Bones. Right next to this chest you can see a head in the wall, check it for a fairly tough miniboss. Have Luciana cast paralysis on it, Or use a death effect spell(which surprisingly works, shocker, thunder crush, death, any of them work). Upon death you'll get a Talysma Roots.

Now walk east and you'll run into a massive group of spiders, walk south along the wall where the spiders used to be and get a Paralysis Scroll from the chest. Now continue east and get a chest containing an Egress Certificate. Now go to the final room, to the north. The left chests contain a Metal Scimitar and 2261pp, the right chests contain a Swamp Keeper Shield and 1608pp. Check the eye pillar and kill the final boss, who drops a Black Lady Dress, which is quite nice and check the chest south of you for the Gloomer Staff. That's the end of the crypt for now.

-Prison of Desa-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Guanidia, Nash
Make sure you have a pet with you, you'll need one to complete this. Enter the Prison of Desa, se of the silver shop. Note: the beezsz are weak to death spells, especialy thunder crush. Start by going west and north up the first path to a chest, containing 10 Medicates. Then go north up the 2nd path to the west, on this screen you should see a crack in the wall, check it and whichever pet you have will enter it. Check the table for the Red Potion and the quest is complete, making this by far the hardest quest in the game.

Now to loot the rest of the prison, exit where your pet entered. Go back west a little and north up the narrow path, pick up the Desa #02 Key and go back to the hole. Save by the stairs then go up them. The first chest you see contains 520pp. The east path is empty, so go west. The first south path is empty, and the first north path is for later, so continue farther west. The second southern path has a chest with a Egress Certificate in it, the north path has a chest with a Trout in it. Now go back up the first northern path we passed a few seconds ago, go downstairs when you reach the end. To the east is a chest with 3 fists for coryool, Salamander Fists, Basilisk Fists, and Zombie Fists. West is a dead end, so kill the mini-boss at the door. The door is locked but we already got the potion, so egress to the entrance.

Now take the second path on the east side, on the next screen you'll see a chest to the west which contains 1007pp. Continue north and upstairs. Take the south path to find a chest with 2202pp, go upstairs again. East is a dead end, so go west and open the first cell door with the key found earlier, the chest inside has a Noble Dress. Continue west to the 3rd cell blocked by a web, tear through it. The chest contains 3 Phoenix Feathers. Backtrack east to the first cell, in the lower right corner you'll see another web, tear through it and go south/east. The last chest contains the Heart Devourer. That's all of the prison.

Take the potion back to the rank master of the mage guild to get rank 1 (your previous rank was 0). You can now buy apricots upstairs, which are extremely useful and powerful. You can also get the Centaur Fortress training quest upstairs and a escort sidequest downstairs, near the entrance. The person you are to escore is in the Golden Falcon Inn and he needs to get to the Modern Science Institute. Both of these are on the maps by dragonhunter, which i uploaded today, so just use those.

-Bounty Hunting, Wolves-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash
At this point you should get the Wolf Ivory Tooth for the bounty at the fighters guild(before we forget), after you finish the swamp quest the bounty changes. Search the forests around metrolia, perferably south since there's no roll beetles. The tooth randomly drops off Lash Wolves. The wolves are random too, so bounty hunting can quickly become tedious.

By the way, if you haven't met him already, there will be a blonde assasin in the fighter guild walking towards you to attack, the giants sent him. You can also get another training quest, the Metal Guards, if you haven't already.

-Pirate Coast-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash
Follow the road east of metrolia to the Pirate's Coast, but before we enter we need to sidetrack for a strong item. Head south to the lucida tower and enter it. Check behind the statue for a chest containing the Silver Amulet, now go back and enter the pirates coast. Go north on the first screen, go north again on the second and third screens. You should see a chest hidden behind a tree on the left, open it for 516pp and the Thief Key. Go back south then west to a screen with a Varando and 2 Minotaurs. Use death on the Varando. Now attack the 2 Minotaurs and their Two-Headed Machine. Thunder crush can kill the minotaurs, the machine can be confused and numbed. The chest behind them contains 11502pp and the Hammer of Nature. Inside the building is 104pp.

Egress back to the entrance and go south. Before you exit this screen to the se, walk behind the cliff, in the water, to a secret area. Found here is 63pp, 7995pp in a chest, and Astrobalt on the ground in the water. Now go back and continue normaly, to the sw. Keep going sw on the next screen and you'll end up at a sign that says Thieves Coast. Go west and check under the tree for 213pp, then check the chest in the se building for another 286pp. Don't kill the minotaur walking here, he's friendly. The middle and left buildings are empty but 129pp is outside the left one and 409pp west of that. NW there is a chest behind some cactus, it contains Shark Jaws.

Go south and push the crate out of the way. Go down and unlock the door with the thief key. You'll be ambushed multiple times in this area so stay healed. The first east and west paths contain nothing so go south to where the 2 ninjas are. The second west path has nothing, the second east path has a chest with 1081pp. Go south again and save. The southeast path has a trapped chest with 1505pp. Go back to the save point and head west take the chest containing 4 Trout then take the southwest path. Heal up before walking south into a trap, then heal up again before an ambush, then heal up again before the ninjas. The ninjas drop the Golden Sand Key and the east chest contains 5 Trout.

Backtrack to the savepoint and go south with the key. You'll be ambushed, then the chest on the left contains a Whale Lance, Obsidian Jaws, 4 Phoenix Feathers, and 1898pp. The far east chest contains 3521pp, the chest west of that contains 2 Diamonds and 11 Tonic Teas. Upon killing the Metal Master you get an Ocean Conch. Walk out of the hideout and take the east path to exit the coast. You should see the Metal Guard to the south, but pass that for now and enter the Guild of Fire. Join this guild, buy a teleport location from a npc on the right, and get two quests. One is to find a tomb, which is in the ant hill west of the Science Institute. The other involves the pit of fire in which a much higher level is needed. Teleport to metrolia or walk through the pirates coast for the next quest.

-Centaur Fortress-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sarah, Nash
Enter the Centaur Fortress, north of the pirate coast. The centaurs here are slow drunkards, most are easily avoidable Though at this point they may hit too hard for you, if so you can come back later. The centaurs are easily slain by the death effect. Go west down the hall and north to a chest containing the Dragon Slayer. The chest east of that contains the Mighty Sword. Now go north through the door. In this room take the west path. South has a empty chest and a npc that is bugged(as of january 15th). The second southern room and the northern room contain nothing, so go back east. Now take the east path. In this room take the southern hall and you should meet a medical npc, and a chest containing a Tonic Tea and Medicate. Go back and up the north hall, in the west chest you'll find the Mighty Axe. Continue north to the next screen, and then to the next. The chest contains the Mountains Of Nevermore Book, head back to the main room(the one with all the barrels).

Now head north upstairs and into the east or west path, they both lead to the same spot. The chest on this screen contains 3515pp, return to the stair room and you may want to save in the first room before trying to pass the blockade, if 3 captains cast before you it may kill the party. Save before the king too, his hurricane spin can wipe out the party also. Paralyze the king and use ark flare a few times, fight is over. Upon killing the king he drops the Ground Spear and you get +8HP from the training quest. The chest behind him contains 15 Antidotes and 1809pp. There's a tortured npc to the east, i'm not sure what effect the choices have, so i'd suggest just not talking to him for now. Now go back to the medical npc you met earlier and invite him to your HQ. That ends the Centaur Fortress.

-Metal Guard-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Coryool, Nash (coryool gets slayers and resists the boss spells)
Start by teleporting to the Guild of Fire, then enter the Metal Guard. These guys give great xp, and are weak to lavawall/numb. Go north past the first room, save on the left, continue north. At the moment there's nothing down the east and west paths, so continue farther north. At the divide take the NE path first and throw the lever. Then get the 2 chests, one contains 1725pp, the other contains Carisman Armor.

Now take the NW path at the divide, work your way around to the south, the north room contains nothing so go upstairs. Once upstairs take the west path and get 2008pp from the chest. Then go east and work your way up, you'll encounter 6 metal masters past the doorway who throw you into a small arena. Kill the Bone Leecher, who can be surprisingly hard. If your able to lower it's speed, then it's attack/mp. After you kill Beastie the 6 metal masters will attack you. Take the east path and pull the southern lever. The chest on the west path contains a Metal Circle which is a pretty nice shield.

Heal up completely, hp/mp wise before you enter the door. Kill the 6 guards in the way, and meet the boss of the fortress to the north. He'll send his pet to attack you, use Soul Sucker on her to put her to sleep. Silver attack does 999, you may want luci to cast Shield to cut down the ice damage. After she's dead work your way towards Zander. Zander is fast and has the deadly Hyper Flare, but it only takes a Numb and a little damage to kill him. Upon killing him he drops the Cell Key, and you get +12(?)defense for the training quest. Egress back to the entrance and go north to the second screen. Save, and check the west path for a Ogre Blood in the chest. You can unlock a cell on the east path but the tortured metal master has nothing useful to say. That ends the Metal Guard.

----Main Quest----

--Mosquito Swamp--
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sandy, Herasia (Sandys solid gun is very useful here, and herasia gets slayers)
This one will be hard to describe, i'll try to use landmarks such as savepoints and fairys to let you know your in the right spot.

Start by stocking up on every medicine you can and get roughly an extra 50k to carry with you into the swamp. Enter the swamp, just NW of the Crypt of 7000 Skulls. Save on the first screen and go SW. Talk to the human npc and buy the Hat Of Truth, then go west along the top path. On this screen go south and get the chest containing a Phoenix Feather, then continue west. Check the scare-crow for a mini-boss, the Skull Collector. Kill him and he'll drop a Marlin Egg. Backtrack to the hat npc and take the SW path, the SE path is a dead end so don't worry about it. Continue south to the next screen, you should find a unreadable sign. Continue until you reach a split, the path north of the well is a dead end, so continue west past the well. On this screen you'll reach another split, the eastern north path is a dead end(actually it leads to a tomb, perhaps there's a tomb quest later on), so take the western north path. On this screen you should run into a save point, go west to the next screen and west again to another, darker screen. On this screen you should see a lot of mosquitos and the Third Monument. Touch it and return to the screen where the paths split, the one before the save point.

Now we're back at the split with the 3 flower monsters, the west and south paths are dead ends, backtrack east once more. Go south to the save point then south to the next screen. Here, take the east path to the next screen and you should meet 3 Uglish, kill them and get the Purple Haze from the chest behind the tree. The path north leads to a healing fairy, use her if neccesary then backtrack west. Now take the south path to the next screen. To the west you'll see a human npc, who's selling a poor hand drawn map of the swamp, but it does give a rough location of the vital areas, spend 10k on it if you want. The chest to the east contains 2653pp, 2 Antidotes, and a Jungle Jump Scroll. Continue south to the next screen. From here go west to the next screen. The lower west path has a save point, the upper west path is to get a Kryon Helmet from a chest. Backtrack then go south. You should find another unreadable sign if your on the right path, continue along it to the next screen. Continue south on this screen.

You'll end up at another split here, first take the south path. On this screen the SE path leads to a dead end, though there is a Blank Book there for a later quest. Go SW along the path and use the save point, then continue south to the next screen. Go through the straight-forward path and get a Ocean Love from the chest at the end. Backtrack to the screen where the path split and go west to a cave, enter it. Talk to the spider and she will give you a quest for later. Continue west to the next screen, go up the north path and get the St Chris Journey Book from the chest, then continue north. Circle around to the north and take the west exit to the next screen. On this screen take the north path, past the flower blocking you. Here you should see an unreachable save point, the east path leads to 2 healing fairys, but other then that it's a dead end, take the west path.

Save and continue west, slightly north you'll save a cave you can rest in, do that then take the south path. Going south you should encounter 3 Underking Messengers, have they gone mad or has the underking intended for them to attack you? Before you go west take the western north path to a sword stuck in the ground, Random needs to be level19(as someone pointed out to me, i'll add your name when LP forums come back up) to pull the sword, which is a Sword of Ages. It's a decent weapon, but it takes mp each swing. Now go west and a fat mini-boss will attack you. Upon killing it, it will drop a Raw Scaloide. Now continue west to the next screen. On this screen, walk into the cliff to the south to find a secret area, it has 2 healing fairys, and a chest containing the Frozen Rod, Cryzalis, and Fairy Herb. Now continue west to a cave, the fairy's home, one of them will send you on a quest to kill a evil fairy.

After that go NW to a path split, take the NE path past the flower. On this screen buy the Pine Apple from the npc, then continue east to the next screen. Continue following the path to the next screen. Do so once more. You'll encounter a split on this screen, first take the north path to the next screen. You should see a savepoint here, take the east path past the 3 flowers. Continue east, using the southern road, to the next screen. Continue east, on the way you should see a chest that contains the Lakes of Blood Book, then go east to the next screen. Keep going south and you'll eventually meet the fairy duchess, who will remove the crystal blocking the second monument.

Now backtrack all the way back to the save point, and take the north path to the next screen. Note, on this screen you can randomly encounter King Abaecus' which give Nash 3 slayer points, so if you want this slayers up early this is a good spot. Anyway, continue north. You should see a sign and the Anicent Save Spot, continue east to the next screen. Take the top road east to reach a chest containing a Mayuca's Winter . Then backtrack and take the bottom road east to reach the Second Monument. Touch it and backtrack to the savepoint(not the ancient one, the one before that). At the save point, go south one screen to the split, at the split, take the west path past the dead tree. After the windy path, you'll end up exiting to the next screen to the north. From here follow the path to the next screen. You'll come to another split, take the north path to the next screen. The chest contains 3 MP Replenish and a Sphere, then backtrack and take the west path. Keep going west to the next screen and take the north path.

You should see many Stone Heads in the wall, go west past those. Keep heading west and you should see a save point, then continue west to the next screen. On this screen head all the way west, you should see some deep ground, try walking over it into a secret western exit. Yveen will give you a +4HP bonus for finding her, now go back outside and head north. Cross the bridge and go west to a chest containing the Medecine Book and 1653pp under the tree. Go east to the next screen. Keep going east, and save at the save point, then go east to the final monument. Walk far east across the bridge and touch the First Monument, then quickly run back west across the swarm catches you.

Now, head back to the fairy cave. Take the NW path to the Inn of No Return. Before entering talk to the guy on the left, he'll sell you the fog bandana. After your done in the inn, go west. This screen has 2 underking messengers, go west again. West some more. West. Finally, go down the south path. Kill Mazurine the evil fairy, she'll drop 6528pp and a Fruit of Mist. An unreadble tomb is on the west path, backtrack north. Go west instead of south this time. From here on just follow the straight forward path to a save point, then continue south. This map would be pitch black but we already lighted the monuments. Now work your way west/north behind the trees, to the Unknown Temple. Talk to the wounded man as he dies. Thus ends Day 2 and the Mosquito Swamp.