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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 12

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Day 12 - The Last Grain Falls.

Go east and down the first south path(not the exit one). Check the empty cart for 28 Nails. Go back north and east, get some pp from the guarded chest. The second south path is empty, the third has a save point, continue east to a chest containing the Meteor Bracelet. Leave the cave and go into town, enter the right house and talk to the npc for rope. Go back to the wood and build your raft.

Equip one terrain-immune item on each character and board the boat. Those strange fountains of water you see are enemies, a very few of them have some items in them. I'll come back and cover the items later, since one of the characters get 45xp slayers from these Simselias. Sail north and west to the next screen.

On this screen sail west and south down the first path, land on shore and the first chest contains Obsidian Armor. Sail farther SE to the second chest, containing Bromium. Return to the main path and continue west and south down the next path. The chest on the lone island contains 2 Trout. Land where the zombies are on land(just west of the chest), and pull the lever along the south wall. Go NW of the lever into a cave in the west wall, go all the way east for an Astrobalt and north for Alchemy Recipe #5 in a chest, then return to the raft.

Now sail north all the way north and east into a narrow waterway. Sail all the way east to a wooden gate, go to the southern edge of it and attempt to sail east:

Easy to kill, doesn't need a strategy. Can be silenced.

Continue to the next screen. Sail east to a land mass with a cave on it, enter the cave. Proceed north to the pyramid.