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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 11

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Day 11 - The Hourglass Is Turned

----Luciana's 3-D Quest----
No need to stop by barettas shop right now, if you have her with you.

Enter the Crystal Palace(115) with the code 15510. You may notice you start in the black area, and can walk west/east along the walls, remember that but for now go north downstairs. Take the first west path you see and go downstairs to a chest with a Ebony Lance. Go back and take the south path, then east past the downstairs(empty room).

In the large open room go north to the wall with the waterfalls then east into a narrow hall with a hole and blood at the end. Heal up and enter the hole:

Lupanda x3
They'll use alot of group hitting spells. They're paralyzeable, weak to ice.
Luciana - grand protection twice, bed of icebergs
Baretta - bed of icebergs
Sandy - shooting stars
Nash - savior nail, firestorm

On defeat they'll drop a Marlin Egg(maybe none, maybe more? think it's random off each one). Heal up and go at them again. This time they die, and for me, 2 Marlin Eggs dropped, so i assume it's a random drop off each one. The cave is empty, we were just getting eggs.

Go back down the hall and SW in the large room, you should find some stairs with a chest of 4 Medicates behind them. Go downstairs and all the way west, the chest contains 3655pp and a Phoenix Feather. Backtrack or egress to the entrance, and walk around the room in the black area. Go north, get the chest on the left with 2 Sharks and go upstairs.

Follow the path upstairs again. Go south and get the Cryzalis from the chest to the left, continue south/west/north and go upstairs. The chests on this floor are empty so just continue up once again. On this floor the south room has a save point and a chest with the Xanthou Axe. Continue along the path to a npc blocking the way, perhaps i'm the only one confused by the conversation but i never remember meeting this npc everytime i've played. Kill him, continue upstairs and get the chest containing a Lycose Pearl and Diamond Shield.

Continue south and up the first north path to a chest with the Hammer Of Nature. The second north path is empty, the fourth has a npc who talks about how things used to be. Go up the third path and get the 3 Crystal Stones from the chests. Cue cenodemons scene. Egress out after you have all 3 and return to the airport. Go back to the main control room, heal up and use all 3 crystals:

XR-Giga 999
The body is silencable, head is clashable(Mind Killer on Sandy)
Luciana - magma wall twice, omega bolt
Baretta - bed of icebergs twice, legend atomizer
Sandy - shooting stars twice, normal attack
Nash - firestorm twice, mass crush

On round 2 only the main 2 parts were left. On death it drops a Raw Scaloide. Check the control panel and go north. In this room check the control panel again. Now you have the airship and most of the world has just opened up to you.

-Exploring and Looting-
I'm going to try refering to #'s on dragonhunter's world map, as it's too large to give simple directions.

First go to 123, enter it(if you have Nash). Nash will crush the puny ants, walk all the way east and into the north room for an Azura. Now leave the cave, you should see a 2 tile island se of the cave, land on it and walk onto the north tile. The chest on this screen contains 4686pp. Go north to the next screen in the shallow water(look closely), back here you'll find the powerful Dirai Kulha Claws. They swing twice but drain mana, i put them on Baretta and gave the sword of scrolls to Luciana.

Next go to 124. Go upstairs run south past the ghosts. under the south wall you'll find Yveen who gives you +3 speed. Leave here and go to 105 to get a sidequest, then go to 100. Get the 163pp behind the plant and enter the house. Buy 1 Boboka Nenuphar.

Next go to 93 and get the Heart Of The Town. Next is 22, unfortunately there was a flaw in my plan, i was going to get the 100k from the building behind kranko during 3-d so you'd be guranteed to have the money required in the upcoming main quest, but you can't enter the building behind him during 3-d.

Dragons ahead:

Evil Drake(114)
I honestly can't advise doing him this early, however he's numbable and paralyzable, so that makes him alot less difficult. He'll slash you before the fight, lowering your hp alot.
Luciana - grand protection twice, magma wall and/or omega bolt, necrotears/apricots(same items on all 4 members)
Baretta - legend atomizer
Sandy - slash up on luciana so she goes before the drake
Nash - mass crush twice, savior nail

Ice Dragon(96)
Use fire obviously, i didn't notice any weakness to ailments.
Luciana - razor sun, hyper flare
Baretta - legend atomizer
Sandy - healing items
Nash - mass crush twice, fire storm

Terror Of The Sea(127)
He ranks up there with the Evil Drake and Drachknor. He'll cast water cone, water madness, bed of icebergs and shrine of yveen to boot. It's weak to thunder. It will do a pre-strike like the Evil Drake.
Luciana - shield herself/Nash, omega bolt
Baretta - legend atomizer
Sandy - speed up, items
Nash - mass crush twice, karma treat if Luciana didn't shield him, fire storm

Upon death he drops a Diamond Of Zerox. The traps disapear from his lair, the tablet in the back of the lair can be read after 3-d, by a upcoming character.

----Luciana's 3-D Main Quest----
I think that ends the exploring for now, there's more stuff to do but it's not as reasonable. Line the airship up with Calambro(72) and fly straight east, Luciana should spot the legendary island. Land and check the mountain west of the cave for a secret area, inside is a Red Headed Kid(Damian). Enter the town and let the north fairy join your hq. The skeleton in the left building lets you sleep for cheap and has a Red Bone in a pot. The right house has a Trout in a pot. Leave and enter the cave.

-Unknown Cave-
Follow the path north and west, check the pile of wood and Luciana will mention building a raft. Day 11 ends suddenly.