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Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough

Day 10

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Day 10 - Choose Your Destiny.

Buy the Striking Amulet, another great speed item from Baretta.

-Side Quests and Misc Stuff-
Go to the inn, on the second floor talk to the minotaur(it's not neccesary though, as Seether pointed out to me). There's also a giant in the se corner of the second floor. Remember to restock on items. Join the Guild of the Unknown if you haven't already(the Shra-Kem) and get their quests. As you exit the town you'll see Jezzie, a friend you saved in Rillia in LP1(You Did save her right?).

Outside Metrolia Rigaldo will tell you how to reach the southern lands. First go to the Pirates Coast, and go north one screen then west onto Batabog's ship. He'll join you and bring 55155pp, Warrior Nectar, and a Heavy Astronium Axe. Pass the rocks, add Herasia to your party and enter the shop to the right. Colossus helmets are fairly nice, there's a Blank Book in the right doorway, go north through the left doorway and let Herasia catch the racoon for a quest. Add Wendala to your party and enter Merlin's Art, just south of the shop, ask him to paint you and he'll do it for free if you have Wendala with you.

Enter the house of pleasure, a little NE of where you are, talk to Natasha and you'll get a sidequest. Check the chest for 118pp and go to the next screen. Get some more pp from under the plant, and talk to Isabelle, she's willing to pose for the sculptor, so you can return her to him in metrolia anytime to finish that quest. Get an Arabian Jewel from the chest and leave.

Enter the house to the east, check the north wall, north of the right piano for a chest containing a Zekaf'l Rahomion Book. Now go SW to the Dragon Guild. Talk to Iris, she'll say you need a recommendation.

Go south to Tongo-Boga. Talk to the east npc and let him in your HQ. The house north of the sign has about 70pp. Talk to the man blocking the north path and he'll let you pass(you should have the boar quest from the fighter's guild). Go north, kill the boar, quest complete. Teleport to Metrolia and get Baron rank in the fighters guild, talk to the rank npc again and he'll recommend you to the Dragon Guild.

Return to the dragon guild and join, talk to the right npc to get 3 Crusader Swords. Talk to the bottom left npc and he'll give you a training quest(it's not the orc gym north of here), talk to the lord and you'll be asked to clear out the minotaur coast, next to lucida tower, talk to the npc east of him and you'll get a quest to kill the Dark Knight, who's near the Shrine of Yveen that had venom lycoses in it. If you sleep at the dragon guild inn luciana will have another dream. Your party will be empty after the dream to remember to re-add members.

Go west to a cave in the mountains, Rigaldo mentions a dangerous dragon has settled in it, which is true. Enter and go up the waterfall to a chest containing the Long Lost Memories Book. Then attack the dragon:

Algae Dracosphere
You'll be numbed for a few rounds at the start. Mostly he'll use moderate attack spells.
Random - over magnet defense, legend slayer
Luciana - grand protection twice, shield herself, nash and wendala
Nash - usually clashed from the necro spell, mass crush, savior nail, heavy slash
Wendala - luciens smile twice, metal slash

Algae Dracolich
His second, more dangerous form, his name will stay dracosphere but dracolich seemed more appropriate. He'll use Life Annhilation, Brain Destruction. (this is what lucianas shield was for) He's weak to fire, even nashs firestorm and wendalas alpha night done 999. He's Shockable.Upon death he drops a Red Bone. This is dragon #4 of the 8 cave ones.

Go south of the cave and follow the road west to another dragon's nest:

Djelgardian Rock
He's easier then the previous dragon, sorta. He normal attacks, bites, and uses some powerful spell(usually, he didn't use it on me this time so i can't tell you what it is).
Random - legend slayer
Luciana - lord of the dance, razor sun, hyper flare
Nash - mass crush, heavy slash
Wendala - metal slash

You should crank out enough damage to not even need defensive spells. Now enter the tree by the dragon cave. The small cave down the stairs contains a Yveen's Tear. Go west to get a Red Headed Kid(Ace). Continue along the path and you'll be out. Don't enter Algae-Terra yet, that's the main quest.

-Armanis(Minotaur) Coast-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Batabog, Anyone(actually batabogs slayers are so useless i can't even recommend bringing him, unless you want his slayers for the coliseum)
Enter the coast, next to lucida tower. Kill every minotaur you see, the one who acts innocent is lieing to get the element of surprise. Minotaurs are numbable and deathable, use ice. The southeast chest holds 7221pp(?). Work your way into the cave, kill Argodus and he'll drop a Xarisman Tusk.

-The Black Knight
Enter the tree next to yveen's shrine, on the east screen get some pp under the tree(once again missed it, bad day for pp heh), farther east get 342pp. Follow the path and get a Dragon Mushroom behind the knight. Attack the knight:

Arazom d' Avaren
He's a toughie, quite an arsenal and fast.
Plan A:
Random - over magnet defense, legend slayer
Luciana - shield everyone but random, grand protection twice
Nash - Mass Crush, Savior Nail
Wendala - Luciens Smile, Melee up a few times, Metal Slash

Plan B: is Plan A without the protections, Arazom has low hp so it's possible to kill quickly him instead of protecting up. Upon death he drops about 15Kpp and Valancia.

Return to the dragon guild to complete those 2 quests and get 2 new ones.

----Main Quest----
Save in a new slot, then go to Algae-Terra. The top right house contains Lava Obsianite and Ocean Conch. The middle house is a shop/inn, go downstairs and let the guy by the wall into your hq. Go backupstairs and shop for 4 drakon belts, 2 elven shoes, 1 acid sword(maybe), and 2 or 3 wormcoats, and 1 or more salcerium armor. Check the medicines she sells and as your leaving she'll offer a Yveen's Nectar for 12k.

Enter the left house, go downstairs before talking anyone and get a Legendary Scroll, Talysma Roots, Luba's Outfit, and Cryzalis. Go back upstairs and talk to Luba. Long conversation, everyone chimes in(except guld? he doesn't even think to himself as Herasia does). Cut to the cenodemons, a traitor is keeping a eye on the party, unfortunately it's already obvious who mr magic man is.

====3 -Dazer Begins, choose your partys====
My parties were as followed:
Random - Sarah, Wendal, Leanda(Dark)
Luciana - Sandy, Nash, Baretta (these 3 play roles in Lucianas quest, they weren't randomly chosen)
Luba - Guanidia(Meltdown), Coryool, Jezzie

Guld is a reasonable replacement for Baretta since you'll find all(i think) the secrets on here without her, although Baretta's Atomizer spell(level30) can play a big role on a certain boss.Herasia is semi-useful, but batabog, chaz, and lisa typicaly aren't worth using. Don't take Nash on random's quest, there's a bug that permanently removes his gear, and he can't reequip it.

You can wait until after you start each persons quest to equip their party. When your done leave and save in a different slot. Personaly i went with Lucianas 3-d first, for untold reasons(airship lets you get alot of extra stuff early, and you can de-equip and do the last fight gearless easily, now they're told reasons).

===Luciana's 3-D Quest===
Start by going to Metrolia. Get a new bounty from the fighters guild, for a Elephanpottame Red Toe.

Enter Berkillast Manor(12). Check the right cabinet for a Savior Page. Harvey wants you to be rank2 in the mage guild, coincidently you already are.

-The Airport-
Now leave Metrolia and enter the building at the SW corner. Once inside, west has a Crusher Ring. Go east and you should see a lever behind a south door, Sandy can open the door. Pull that lever, continue east and pull the next lever.

Backtrack and go south. Go west to pull another lever, go east to get 3 N-Bombs from the chest. Continue south and pull the levers both east and west. Go south and down the stairs. The chest contains the Chainsaw Lance. Go south and southwest to a savepoint and a chest with the Laser Mouth Fists. Backtrack to the stairs and go east, take the lower path at the split and then go south to a chest with Astrobalt. Backtrack to the stairs and go up the leftt north path(the right one is a dead end), go west to a chest and get 337pp. Continue north and then east to a save and Phoenix Feather. Press the small button on the path north of the save point.

Backtrack to the stairs and go west, the 2 north doors are openable by Sandy, open the first one and press the floor button. Go west to the next door and go north into it for 5 N-Bombs, Steel Coat, Metal Circle, and 3 Laser Guns. Go back Upstairs. To the West, Sandy can open the 2 doors to the north, but that's a dead end, continue west to a chest containing a Tonic Tea. Backtrack and go east, Sandy can once again open the door to the north, but first go east and get the chest containing 2555pp, now go through the door and get another chest with 2 Medicates and 2 Phoenix Feathers.

Backtrack, you should see a save point south and 2 open doors, one west, one east. Take the east door and go all the way east to a chest with a N-Bomb, then take the path north of where your at. Take the far east hall for a chest with 16 Spheres and 5 MP Replenish, take the other hall to a save point. Go north and downstairs to a chest containing a N-Bomb, don't bother going south, just dead ends.

Backtrack to the first save point, the one before the door, and take the west door. Go all the way west to a chest with the Beta-Halo Shield and 2 levers, pull both levers. Go back and north, walk past the oil containers and they will explode. A Heart Of The Town is under the radar dish. Go north, the east path has a save point, continue north up the west path. The chest contains 6 Laser Guns.

Go downstairs, the chest contains the Hi-Jacker. Continue south, pull the lever on the left or let Sandy open the south door. Get the Tonic Tea to the left, and let Sandy unlock the door again. Pull the south lever, the chest has a Phoenix Feather, east has a save point and the Zero-Don Ring. Go downstairs twice then upstairs. The 2 chests contain 3 Laser Guns and 2 N-Bombs. Check the control panel, to find out you need special crystal gems to run it.

-On the way to Crystal Palace-
Go south to Tongo-Boga(77), you should notice the rock is cleared, continue south. Go east to the coliseum(70), have a look around, and get another bounty quest . Go north to the town of Babo'Komo(69) and talk to everyone, the medusa is part of one of the unknown guild quests. One of the npcs will sell you a Key to the Dark Order Shrine. The inn contains the Korago Collar.

Now go south to the check point(111), the clown on the right will teach Luciana and Sandy the shooting stars spell, it can be taught to a few others members also. Pay the toll and enter the building on the left, buy the Miranda Helmet from the npc. You may remember Borgon from the coliseum, the top team coliseum winner. This is purely a guess, i don't plan on trying it, but maybe he gives a reward if you can get more wins then him while he's still at the checkpoint.

Go south to the bridge in the forest(110), get the 2 Dragon Mushrooms. Continue south and enter the small area in the center of the forest(109). Walk around the slaughterers, and check the barrel for 13 Oranges, 21 Coconuts, and 37Ananas. Be ready to run, because when you open the chest the slaughterers chase you. The chest contains 2 Mayuca's Winters and 2 Predator Gloves. If you get caught use the snore pendant and legend atomizer.

To the north is another dragon cave(118), inside is Razor Mouth, who is blindable, and the Light Sword. Upon razor mouths death he drops the Warrior Nectar. Continue south to the shop(116), and buy 5 Mind Killers, 1 Head Cutter(un-needed), and 1 Ozur Shield. Equip the mind killer and damnation ring on sandy to make her very fast and strong.

Now go to Palambo(117), a npc to the left will join your hq. The lone vegetable in the lower right is a Talysma Root Keep the aldebard sword in mind for later, enter the house next to it and check the barrels for 868pp. Enter the top right house and check the barrels for the Tartan Helmet. Talk to the npcs, one of them gives you the code to the Crystal Palace(115)(Code =15510). Day 10 ends for Luciana.